15 Jul 2019, 4:24 a.m.

Normal Heights

Hang on a minute, who is this guy?

PH6.6 is the studio of painter and illustrator Jaron Su. Jaron's work is playful and wants to put a smile on your face. After studying fashion design at Shih Chien University in Taipei, Jaron co-founded the fashion label SchulzWorks. Quirky drawings and illustrations were a major theme in the collections that he created. In 2014, Jaron moved to the Netherlands. Recently, he is focusing on small-format paintings that give a quirky twist to 'inspiring' quotes that you can find on the Internet everywhere.

Life is a series of chemistry experiments, and they all taste different. I like it a little bit sour.

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Something a bit old, but the ideas are still new

So, this is my diary, take a look (but keep it a secret between us two).