About PH6.6

Remember the litmus test from high school chemistry? PH6.6 shows up bright green, and tastes a little bit sour.

Life is a series of chemistry experiments, and they all taste different. I quite like the slightly sour taste.

So why is PH6.6 the name of my studio? A lot of my work is about my life. My paintings are never simply beautiful or purely romantic. There is always a twist. When I started to work as a painter, it often was a slightly sour twist.

These days, I do all kinds of life experiments. All of the chapters of my life have a painting. Some have a bitter taste, some are spicy, some are sweet. It’s not just sour anymore.

One thing hasn’t changed, though: I’m still not a fan of chocolate.


My art wants to put a smile on your face.

All of my paintings tell a story. You’ll have to look closely: details matter to me.

I was born and grew up in Taiwan, and moved to the Netherlands in 2014.

I used to be fashion designer, and it took me many years to understand that I want to tell stories by painting, and then a few more years to find my style and method.

I work in relatively small formats, because details are important to my work. My work is completely in the analogue world: I work with acrylic gouache on paper. Everything you see on this website was painted by hand.