Luigi & Pearl Jam

2 May 2024 | Works

Fluffy cuteness melts all hearts

I’ve been telling my husband for a while that I want to travel to Peru. Why, do you ask? So that I can hang out with alpacas!

Well, it turns out that you don’t have to fly halfway around the world. There’s an alpaca farm just 30 minutes driving from where we live. As soon as I found out, I asked the hubby to book us some time with these fluffy cuties. A few weeks later, on a sunny spring day, we showed up at the farm, and we each got an alpaca to take on a 2-hour walk in the forest.

My companion for these two hours, Luigi, was not shy at all! He became my friend instantly, putting his nose close to my face as if he wanted to kiss me! Pearl Jam, the second alpaca, was less cuddly, but you could still touch his fluffy fur while he was nibbling on the leaves in the forest.

For those two hours in the park, my husband and I broke all records: taking pictures non-stop, filming everything and we had big smiles on our faces the whole time. Alpacas are definitely the cutest animals in the world! (Don’t tell our cat.)

They seemed rather hungry, too. The reason the walk took two hours is that they were taking their time trying out the various grasses, leaves and flowers that the forest had to offer. The walk was very much at the pace of the alpacas. Pearl Jam more than once ended up with a dandelion hanging out of his mouth, which I just had to paint.

A lovely encounter with these two gentle, fluffy, sweet animals.



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