Zone out pool

2 Oct 2021 | Works

Floating on the water, cocktail in hand

Our holiday this year in Greece was very special. For the first time, we had a house with a pool! It felt very luxurious. Now I understand why people want to have a pool. You start your day sitting outside by the pool, when the sun rises high in the sky and it gets hot, you jump into the water to cool down, and then you spend the rest of your day sunbathing, just drifting on the water. Not swimming – that takes effort. Instead you drift on an inflatable donut or a mat, cocktail in hand. It doesn’t get any better than that.

And of course, we had some cats come visit. There were five different cats that dropped by at various times. One older cat seemed to be in charge, occasionally bossing the younger cats around. One of the younger ones liked to climb up the lemon tree.

Now we’re back in the Netherlands and it’s rainy autumn weather again. When I think about that house with the pool, it takes me back to a relaxed, chilled-out, worry-free memory. Floating on the water, you don’t have to do anything. You’re just zoning out in a happy place.

It made me think that everyone has a different kind of life. My husband is back at work in the office, I work at home on my paintings. No matter what you do and what you’re busy with, that place will always be there, welcoming different people. The life of this house is to spread happiness and give relaxation. Right now, someone else is there, enjoying the pool and the sun. It’s always there for you.



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