Nothing a bath can not fix

5 Jun 2018 | Works

unfuck your self, go fix it, let shit go!!

This painting was inspired from a very bold slang which I found it while browsing the internet, says "Unfuck yourself" _be who you were before all that stuff happened that dimmed your fuking shine.

I love such powerful metaphor somehow revealing a little bit of deterrent which hardly resist to not fuck yourself ! I wondering how funny It will be if I could visualize UNFUCK into a painting of my style. Not long after I made this decision, I got myself fuked too. This is too difficult to convert into a painting without related to sexual topic, or some sort of body language to explained the FUCK word.

And then I turned to ask my hobby for help, he explained to me such phrase aim to only using in certain specific moment, you causing a trouble which is contributed by you own. In the other words, less violent expression people would sayt it like: Fix it, Get it done, etc. which inspired me to another thinking path. for me the best way to unfuck /repair myself is go to take shower or take a bath. when the hot water rinsing through every inch of skin, I have such feeling been purify. Similar like a computer switching back to the default mode after its broken. In order to make this bath more fun, and stress free, I even painted our best friends since childhood_ Rubber Ducky!

So now, I want you do me a favor (if you can manage to read this line), go play the rubbber duckie song, and come back to see this painting again. I grantee you will have much more enjoyment :-)



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