Guanyin Temple

11 Feb 2023 | Works

My friend Lydia posted an Instagram story of a Guanyin temple in Taipei that gave me the inspiration for this painting. I loved the way that she took a photo through a bush. I thought it was a very poetic perspective to capture a piece of Taiwanese religious tradition.

I couldn’t really see the details of the temple on the photo, so I thought I would use a different temple – a Guanyin temple in Taoyuan.

It’s a temple that has a special meaning for me. Even though I’m not super religious, Guanyin has always had a place in my heart, and I have been to this particular temple to worship for all big life events. Before I went to school, or to university. When I was ill. Whenever a big decision needed to be taken. And every year, on the day after Chinese New Year, my family and I always visit this temple. I think I feel a little longing because I did not travel back to Taiwan for New Year in 2023, so I have missed out on this year’s visit. (We will go next month, though!)

For people living in Taiwan, this all probably looks very normal and regular. But here in Europe, there is no such temple where I could go worship. This painting is holy for me, it makes me feel like there’s a temple close to where I live, where I can also worship.

I hope that if you’re a Taiwanese living abroad, maybe it can make you feel a little bit like home.



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