Painting (acrylic)



Are you also seeking for a plot twist from an ordinary life like me? I wondering what kind of twist will please me the most? could begin with a very small thing, such as crack open egg got two yolks? could be the coffee taste 10 times better than usual without reason? could be the head line you read from news paper saying that out side species is real ? or my favorite fashion brand COS been very generously doing the first cut throat discount? or the Lottery scratcher I bought last night, I accidentally won a millions prize?
Hey, It's wont hurt to just imagine a little, is it? I believe the plot twists they are actually exist in our living, if you wait long enough nothing happen, all we need to do stop waiting, and go make one you self occasionally, keep a hope there.


Materials Acrylic paint on paper (300 gram)
Origin 100% painted in Netherlands *(original artwork)
Size W:24cm x H:30 cm