Painting (acrylic)



You may not believe me if I told you that I have kept thinking about how to paint this quote for entire New Year's holiday.

I found this inspiring idea on Pinterest a long time ago, but only two week ago I finally wrote it down on my working diary, wondering how to visualize a problem which is beautiful.

I kid you not, my husband has heard me mumbling something like "wow, your problem is so beautiful!'' or "what's your beautiful problem?'' for almost the entire week. I knew I might sound like a maniac, but it is true lol.

Luckily my muse came to kiss my clever brain while I was using the hair drier after a shower. I found a grey hair, shining beautifully from the mirror, and somehow I felt a little annoyed by the getting old issue after seeing the grey hair. Yeah, I thought, that is it! The beautiful problem is a single piece of grey hair!

I also realized that this sort of problem for some people could be a very irritating beauty crisis, while other people don't care. On the contrary, they think positively: it's a problem, but it is very beautiful. Therefore, I intentionally tried to paint as simple as possible, a little different from how I usually construct an image, so that people can have more space to think for themselves what they consider the beautiful problem to be.


Materials Acrylic paint on paper (300 gram)
Origin 100% painted in Netherlands *(original artwork)
Size W:24cm x H:30 cm