United Steaks of America

13 Mar 2018, 7:01 a.m. | Works

Dude! You can handle whatever life throws at you! even if it's just a piece of steak :)

The first painting comes after my life re-located to the United States of America. It's totally inspired by what I have seen, and how I feel about this new environment. What do you called it? Yeah, culture shock! That's it!

Me and my husband found everything so big here, compared with Europe or Asia. America just so big, in many, many ways! Big country, big cars, big roads, big house, big cups of coffee, and big meat!!

And to be honest, I didn't realize I am actually missing Netherlands, and it's not even been a week! Doesn't it sound a little bit ironic? When I was living in the Netherlands, I was missing Taiwan, and now here in America, I'm missing the Netherlands!

I guess it's just like my husband said, I am a man who doesn't like change. I admit part of it is true, and part of it is not, however, thinking in positive way, I can now live in the country that has my most favorite Tv shows, and I can just watch them without waiting for the different time zone. One more benefit of living in here is that I can eat as much steak as I want!!! I shall not be too sentimental, and probably my life can be so much easier if I set my self back to the zero starting point, go experience everything like the first time! I can definitely handle whatever life throws at me! And so can you!



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