Taiwanese style pickled kohrabi

10 Apr 2017, 8:06 p.m. | +Living

Soul food, all natural, easy to make at home, perfect breakfast.

I was very surprised to find kohlrabi in the Dutch supermarket after four years of living in the Netherlands. I even had to double check with my mom if that's the vegetable I knew from Taiwan (I sent her a picture). Turns out, it is!

I immediately asked my mom to send me the Su family secret recipe for making Taiwanese pickled kohlrabi.

I am showing it here, so of course it is no longer secret now, haha.

Sorry, mom.

Everyone else, enjoy.

***you need to prepare: kohlrabi x2 PCS, salt x 1 TP, sugar x 2 TP, chili x 2 PCS, sesame oi x 1 TP, soy sauce x 1TP


***你只會需要準備以下材料: 大頭菜, 鹽巴,糖,辣椒,醬油

______ Let's make it step by step :) 1.Peel the kohlrabi as shown on the picture. 如圖示,先將大頭菜徹底去皮。

2.Slice the kohlrabi into sticks similar to French Fries. Spread one teaspoon of salt over the kohlrabi. 將去完皮的大頭菜,切成像是薯條的細條狀,並灑上一湯匙的鹽巴,抹勻。

3.Put it in a container and let it sit in the fridge for at least 7 hours. This will make the kohlrabi go soft. 再來將抹好鹽巴的大頭菜條,放進保鮮盒內,再來就是冷藏7小時。(這個步驟主要是除去大頭菜得苦澀味,並讓大頭菜變軟好入口)

4.After 7 hours, wash off the salt with water. 經過7小時候,用清水把大頭菜多餘的鹽水洗掉,瀝乾放旁邊備用。

5.Seasoning. You will need two tablespoons of sugar, two chilis (sliced), one tablespoon of sesame oil, one tablespoon of soy sauce. 調勻調味料:兩湯匙的糖.兩條辣椒切碎,一湯匙的麻油,一湯匙的醬油。

6.Mix it all together and add it to the kohlrabi. Ready to eat after 30 minutes. 最後將調味料與大頭菜充分的攪拌均勻,再進冷藏30分鐘,就可以馬上享用喔!

7.Optional for making a white radish omelette (as shown in the main picture): buy the pickled white radish from the Chinese supermarket. 如果你想再傳統一點搭配菜圃蛋,可以在各大亞洲超市,找到這樣現成菜脯,攪在蛋液裡,再用油鍋煎一下!恩!台式傳統料理,5分鐘就輕鬆上桌喔!

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