Recharging mode

10 Aug 2019, 12:26 a.m. | Works

Normal Heights backyard birds

Waking up to the sounds of birds singing is one of the extraordinary things that I enjoy about living in San Diego. Once you start paying attention around the neighbourhood, you can easily identify all types of birds that are foraging for food or simply chilling out on the power lines above your head.

When I decided to make this painting, I asked my husband to help me do some research and find out what kind of birds are in our neighbourhood, Normal Heights. According to a local website, there should be dozens of different birds that we should be able to see around here. I got into the field trip spirit, and once I started looking, I discovered more and more birds showing up in our yard, in trees and on top of electricity poles: the hooded oriole, black phoebe, yellow rumped warbler, Anna's hummingbird, mourning dove, American crow, lesser goldfinch, northern mockingbird, house sparrow, and California towhee.

I went for an evening sky in this painting. You can see the colors of the clouds and sky have a very small difference, and this is exactly what I see every day before sundown. And yeah, I might be exaggerating how those birds all sit on the same power lines, but this is the whole point for this painting.

I hope that you feel a certain kind of gentle calmness when looking at this painting. Soothing and comfy, like your heart is slowly recharging after a long day at work.



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