Pretty as F***

19 Sep 2019, 10:59 p.m. | Works

Extremely polite provisions

This mid-century cocktail bar, Polite Provisions, is one of our favorite places in Normal Heights. It is unlike other cocktail bars that are usually only open at night, with a mysterious ambiance and those blurred lights in which you could hardly make out people's faces. This bar dares to make a difference. Their ceilings are broken open, with skylights allowing the beautiful California sunlight to spread inside all over the bar. They also open pretty early: before noon! (Weekdays a little later, at 3pm.) Perfect for people who like to have an early drink, want to enjoy it under the sunshine but are afraid of the busy, crowded beach. This bar definitely is the one and only.

You might be wondering if they’re paying me money for this little commercial, but no! I swear there is no under-the-table deal, I just really like it! I like how they make the presentation of the cocktails. Some drink will get a dry lemon slice or mint leaves. Some other type of drink they will decorate with orchid flower. For a classic drink, they sometime will put those tiny umbrellas in as well. It gives me a pleasant feeling, a satisfaction by just look at the drink itself, and normally after few sips, I can feel my soul drifting, flying to a place far away, maybe somewhere around Hawaii (yeah..they are not stingy with the alcohol). I especially appreciate they create this contrast of a mid-century space, tropical plants, and drinks with vacation vibes.

And when they call themselves Polite Provisions, that’s actually true. The people behind the bar are a very friendly bunch. How could they not be, if they’re handing out napkins that say in big, bold letters: “POLITE AS FUCK”. F’ing good!



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