I don't sweat – I sparkle!

15 Mar 2017, 7 p.m. | Archive

For all those glamorous people in the gym who never seem to break a sweat.

When I first read this quote, "I don't sweat, I sparkle", I didn't really understand what it meant. Then my hubby described the kind of people in the gym who are so on the treadmill, and even though they're running very hard, they're glamorous and glow. I'm sure even their farts smell like perfume!

This put a very strong image in my mind: first I was thinking of Beyonce on the treadmill, singing "I'm a single lady". But then I thought: let's be realistic, the only that you're not sweating but sparkling, is when you're in the swimming pool!

So, here you have a sparkling lady, with sunglasses, in the swimming pool.

他剛開始跟我講的時候,我得腦袋裡不知道為什麼就是想到 碧昂絲在跑步機上,扭腰擺臀一邊唱single lady,然後五光四射的畫面;但我還是不禁會比較現實面的思考怎樣運動才不會流汗,阿不就是要在游泳池裡嗎!而且還會油亮亮,閃光芒捏!於是我就畫了這個把游泳池當舞池的墨鏡太妹,舉起她的纖纖玉手,用最優雅不費力地仰式,來表達這令人動容的畫面(再吭鏘一次!)。

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