Go north, and find yourself

5 Apr 2018, 12:06 a.m. | Works

Like every Hollywood movie keeps trying to persuade us — the meaning of life can be only be found far north, or on a mountain.

As the painting of this week, I give you all a tip of how to find the meaning of life. It can be found up north!

I do not know where exactly in the north it is, but like all the Hollywood movies keep telling us, you need to bring a backpack, camp in the Iceland in the cold, or conquer a mountain in Norway. So then, after we’ve spent all of our savings, then we can finally understand the meaning of life! And be poor.

I know I am being very sarcastic here, but honestly, I am one of them. I used to tell my husband that if he ever abandons me for a business trip of over a week, I will book myself a ticket to Sweden to go searching for the meaning of life, I swear upon his credit card! :)

And did I make this trip eventually? Of course not! I might find the meaning of life up there, but I am pretty sure I found one already long time ago since I met my husband.

PS. I guess the reason people can easily think about such deep philosophy questions up there is that the cold temperature help people cool down their mind, so can more easily focus on one thing. Plus there’s barely any entertainment, what else can you do except thinking about life?



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