Frédéric Chopin

14 Aug 2018, 4:22 a.m. | Works

Simplicity is the final achievement.

A new challenge for me in the following weeks will be to focus on painting something that I am lacking practice with!

I reviewed my works of the last 1½ years again and again, and I noticed I don't paint enough portraits. I am wondering how this happened, and I concluded that the reason is I don't know who I should paint, and why would I want to paint someone's portrait and have it at home? The second reason is, I'm not really good at portrait painting and it takes me an enormous amount of time to catch someone's spirit in it.

Well, well, well, I guess if I want to prove myself as a creative painter, I should not only paint something I am good at, I should get out of my comfort zone, and maybe there will be a breakthrough, a new step for my career? haha

Anyway, you may feel that this new painting does not have too much of a PH6.6 spirit in it, and yes, you would be absolutely right! Because this time, I am not putting a slightly sour twist on it. This time I wanted to focus on how to make a portrait painting that has my style. Instead of adding lot of irrelevant objects to tell a story, I wanted the person in the painting to be the story, therefore I kept the background simple!

So why Chopin, do you ask? I really like his music, and if I am going to hang up someone's portrait at home, it should be someone I really like! Plus, turning a black and white photograph into a painting is really a big challenge too!

If you ever googled what Chopin looked like, you may notice that his outfits is very different in this painting. I figured I would give him some contemporary fashion sense, so I dressed Chopin in the newest COS 2018 Autumn-Winter collection. It turns out Chopin look perfect in this Swedish fashion brand with its modern simplicity!

Finally, for anyone who would like to enjoy this painting a little bit more, I would suggest you play the Nocturne op.9 No.2, I had it playing this entire week while I was painting!



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