Every sha-la-la-la, every wow-wow

28 Feb 2018, 9:07 p.m. | Works

This new painting was in my ears first

The idea for this new painting came into my head in a different way than usual, it came by way of my ears!

Yeah? Come on! You must know what I am talk about, once you read the headline. Nope? Nothing? Still not?

Okay guess this indicates that you are either too young, or you don’t like cheesy pop songs in your music playlist... lol

The song that inspired this paining is called Yesterday once more. Look it up on Spotify. It’s awesome! I must to say this song saved me from my creative crisis before the long holiday. I remember clearly how I was struggling with finding a new idea for weeks. When was I almost about to cry a river of tears on my desk (just kidding!), Spotify served up this song. Seriously, I found this song extremely pleasant, it made me feel the sunshine I had been waiting for throughout the last four months of winter.

So I just painted the joy that I was feeling from the song. I pictured a caravan, parked next by a river, bright sunshine, green grass, the wind blowing, whispering into your ears and you’re getting goose bumps, put the feet into the cold water to chill a bit, so on and so on…

Wait a second, I don’t understand why am I explaining all of this? You can just look at the painting!

But please do me a favor, go play the song when you appreciate this artwork, I bet you will feel sha-la-la-la and wow-wow!