Dogu family soybeans

20 Aug 2017, 1:39 p.m. | Archive

Food from here, for the locals: Welcome to the natural soybean farm in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Although I come from far east Asia, I only eat very few soybean products. And to be honest, the most popular one (soy milk) happens to be the one that I hate most. Therefore, I never bothered to learn how and where soybeans grow.

This changed when my family decided to start a new business: a soybean farm.

Soybeans are used a lot in Taiwan, but we don't actually grow that much on the island, we mostly rely on imports from America and Canada. Because the health movement encourages eating locally-grown, natural food, there's a big and increasing demand for locally-produced soybeans in Taiwan's traditional agriculture market.

We will soon harvest the first crop of soybeans, so I have been developing the branding system for the product.

When I looked at other soybean producers in Taiwan market, they tend to have rather boring branding, if I'm honest. They all use cheesy Chinese calligraphy as their company logo, or no design at all. I wanted to set our product apart, so I put effort into designing the Chinese character for the company name, using a minimalist style with slim and rounded strokes. That makes the logo fit into different design contexts.

For the package design, I started with the drawing of a soybean plant. It's funny how other people selling soybeans never show you the actual plant, especially because it's quite beautiful, with flowers that resemble orchids. In the drawing, you see the entire story of growing soybeans, from the flower, to the pod with the seeds growing, and being harvested when it is dried out.

Like the logo, the rest of the package design is clean and minimalist. The plant is the centerpiece, because after all, soybeans is what this is all about!

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