Daikokuya and Camellia

7 May 2019, 3 a.m. | Works

A foodie experience combine with the serenity of Camellia.

Continued the same series from the previous panting, this artwork was inspired by an amazing shrimp tempura restaurant 大黑家(Daikokuya)where I have the most amazing shrimp tempura rice bowl while me and my husband visited in Tokyo.
I was so fascinated by the food from there, also the beautiful rice bowl they offer the dish, however they don't sale the bowl separately so I came up this way to memorized this foodie experience . from my painting you can see exactly how beautiful the bowl they made, I tried very hard to painting down all the details from the bowl, and then I am so impressed by the people for create it, I thought is pretty easy to draw until I using my brush to paint it, I realized the creator paying lot of effort in tiny details, and the colors are perfectly designed in unique colors templates. no wonder why Japanese are such extraordinary nation in the entire asian county, even such living houseware can showing the perfection spirit of entire country.
and yes, you might wonder why I paint the Camellia in this beautiful bowl. The reason is I really feel the food I had from the restaurant gave me a some sort of serenity while I taste it. and this serenity remind me the beauty of Japanese Camellia. unlike the typical cherry blossom romance, Its has the calmness in it, therefore I plant this Camellia in this bowl, to represent the feeling I received from there.



Something a bit old, but the ideas are still new