Christmas x Taiwanese style

20 Dec 2017, 3:55 p.m. | +Living

When Taiwanese food comes to the Christmas dinning table, this is what you need.

Time flies, and it's Christmas again! As a good Taiwanese son-in-law, taking care of the Christmas Day meals is my annual ritual. I was recently busy trying out various dishes, and suddenly I thought of the Yang Chun Cafe project that I did some time ago. So I thought that on Christmas Day, I could visually combine Taiwanese and western dining culture with the table decoration and the food I'll make.

Doing this just for my family is all fine and good, but I want to share it with all of you and maybe it will bring cultures closer together in more families in this holiday season. I am sharing my menu template, which you can download here: The Yang Chun Cafe Christmas Menu

Below, you will find some instructions too!

時間飛快,又到了要慶祝聖誕節的日子,身為台灣好男婿得我,今年也不例外的,要掌廚聖誕節當天的節慶料理。這幾天忙著試菜,猛然想起去年所做的_陽春咖啡館project(有興趣可以點_Link),覺得可以在聖誕節的那天,結合西式/台式的餐桌擺盤文化,再透過每道不同的台式料理,應該可以給德國的親友們來個很不一定樣的國民外交。然後,我想到應該也有不少旅居海外的台灣鄉親們,可能也需要在家裡招待親友,也許我這樣的聖誕菜單排版設計,正好可以幫的上忙。所以我在這邊附上自己做的陽春聖誕節菜單編輯黨_下載連結/The Yang Chun Cafe Christmas Menu,提供各位參考,下面也有詳細的製作方式,讓我們一起透過餐桌上的台灣美食,讓更多不同國家的人們,都能夠藉此認識我們國家的真善美喔。

Step 1. Download the file and edit it either in Photoshop or by using an online PDF tool. Or you can just print it out and write on it!
_ _ _
下載檔案,屬於你的菜單 請先確認下載 陽春菜單編輯黨-PDF,再進行以下編輯方式,建議: -若是你電腦沒有adobe PDF 編輯程式,可以用線上PDF編輯的方式,例如將檔案再傳至 ,再進行內容的編輯 -第二個方式也很簡單,直接列印後,用手寫的更快更方便 -或者,你已經非常熟悉所有平面編輯軟體,那剩下就不用我多說了吧~(噗)

Step 2. Print out the complete menu and glue it on a piece of cardboard that you have in the house (this doesn't cost any money). There are cut marks on the paper. You can also buy special sticker paper and buy a particular kind of cardboard if you want.
_ _ _
列印後黏貼在紙板上 註:你可以到各大文具店,或是3C商場,買到現成的A4貼紙列印紙(注意:不要買到標籤貼紙),將你已編輯完成的菜單用家裡的印表機,按下列印後,貼在紙板上(我是拿廢紙板回收再利用,免錢),再依照檔案的切割位置記號,做裁切即可。

Step 3. Use a piece of leather rope (or any kind of nice string that you have in the house) to wrap it around a few times, make a knot on the back. Then use a piece of the Christmas wreath or any other nice dried plant that you have in the house to decorate.
_ _ _
麻繩/皮繩 簡單纏繞紙版數圈後,於背後打結固定,再來就是剪下你家聖誕樹的支幹,放上去做裝飾。或是你可以像我一樣,打開冰箱看有什麼香草植物,插上去就是,再不然也可以拿把剪刀,去家裏公園附近....恩...你懂的(笑)。

Step 4. As the last Taiwanese touch, use the typical oil absorbing paper to decorate. You can easily find this stores like Flying Tiger here in Europe.
_ _ _
我個人覺得要有台灣版的聖誕餐桌,不可以少了台灣辦桌時,墊在炸雞翅,或炸湯圓下的花邊吸油紙,在歐洲其實是非常常見的,可以在你當地的家居用品店找到,或是直接去麵包店要個兩三張,再將他墊在有呼應聖誕節氣氛的紅色盤子上,再把菜單放上去就大功告成喔! PS.若你沒有紅色盤子,建議你找紅色的吸油紙,再放在白盤上,效果也是差不多的喔。

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