Bye-bye 2017, bye-bye Netherlands

27 Dec 2017, midnight | Works

May your shopping basket be full of things to make you happy, saying a proper good bye to 2017!

Finally 2017 is coming to the end, and I am hoping all of you have already accomplished some of the goals you set yourself in the beginning of the year!

Wait a second, you may be murmuring like me in this moment, what if I have not achieved anything yet? Well! Keep the positive spirit in your soul, sister! It only means that you have more goals to chase in 2018, that should be something to keep you busy for a while, right?

This will be my fifth time to welcome the new year in the Netherlands, and probably it will be the last time for a while. Therefore, I want to make something to remember how I experienced life in this country. As a work-at-home painter, the Albert Heijn supermarket is my best friend. I visit my good friend Albert almost every day!

I have been told in many years ago that the Netherlands is food heaven, but I'm only beginning to understand the meaning of this compliment now. It's not like there are 5-star Michelin restaurants at every corner, but there's a 5-star food selection in the supermarket! You can always satisfy yourself easily there. And that is why I've painted this basket of my husband riding his bike, coming home from shopping for our new year's eve dinner.

believe or not, this shopping list tradition has already been maintained for 5 years in a row, lol, and it's always a guarantee for a joyful new year's eve.

The shopping list always includes:
- apples for my hubby's hungry emergency
- 2 big pieces of steak with grilled zucchini and boiled broccoli as the main course
- a big apple pie for desert
- paprika chips, salami and the "sheep wine" (Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc) for snacking while watching TV until the new year's countdown.
- finally, a ticket to the year-end lottery. We only allow us to dream about winning millions of euros once a year lol

I guess this painting also wants to explain our ideal living style, which I don't think is very luxurious. If you also are not into joining the huge crowds in the big cities for the fireworks and stuff, this is my "guaranteed happiness" list for you to consider.



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