barber side

8 Sep 2019, 12:20 a.m. | Works

Man up, get a haircut!

This painting is about the super indie, hardcore barber shop in our neighbourhood.

I went there several times when we just moved here. What attracted me in the first place was the super alternative art wall they had decorated. The stylists they all seemed so COOL, do you know what I mean? It feels like if you do not feel manly enough, as long as you go to this barber shop, you will become a true man.

I always knew this store had a very strange taste in art, but I never got a closer look at the stuff they nailed on the wall until I made this painting. I carefully painted every small item. I hope you will find discovering all the little items as much fun as I had painting them.

Perhaps you wonder what the experience is like to have your hair cut there? I think it is as cool as the interior. The barbers aren’t very talkative, and neither are the customers. When I say “not very”, I actually mean “not at all”. They play the local radio as a background sounds. The only conversation that you’ll have is at the beginning, when they will ask what you like. A buzz cut, crew cut, french crop, or taper / fade? You really need to know lots of special hair dresser terms before you walk in! I once tried to show them a picture, because I thought that would be simpler and easier. They didn’t really look at the picture and kept asking me questions anyway!

The other funny thing that they do is to have every customer seated with the back to the mirror. I’m guessing they don’t like it if the customer is interfering with the work halfway through? You only see how it turns out at the very end. So you better make sure that you gave precise instructions and answered all the questions correctly, because once you see the outcome, it will be too late to change!



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